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Client Stories

The stories behind the projects on which Business Soil has worked, both past and present.

Gromak Real Estate Services

Justin Schnettler

Gromak Real Estate Services

Gromak Real Estate Services is a real estate agency dedicated to serving the Mayville and North Branch area. They are a small family business and they live in the communities they serve. Realizing the need to establish an online presence for their business to better serve their customers and get found more easily online, but not knowing where to start, Gromak Real Estate Services reached out to Business Soil. 

By building a simple, professionally designed website and claiming and setting up location and social services, we were able to help Gromak Real Estate Services establish an online presence that would meet their needs. Business Soil continues to provide website support, and makes periodic updates to keep listings accurate. 

Blue Water Spas and Pools

Paula Mausolf

Blue Water Spas and Pools Logo

Blue Water Spas and Pools is the thumb of Michigan's premier pool and spa dealer and installation specialist. Looking to re-design their existing website to better serve their customers, we met with the Blue Water team to discuss their needs and goals. Constructing the new website on an easy to manage website platform, updating the content (words and pictures), and freshening up the layout and design was the main focus. In addition to this, Blue Water wanted to better establish their presence online and be more easily found. By claiming and setting up location and social services, and by utilizing valuable content on those services, Blue Water Spas and Pools was able to achieve this.

We put concentrated effort into the lay out, set up, build and design for the new Blue Water Spas and Pools website. By setting up a new website on a template based platform, the Blue Water team could learn how to update and manage it in-house. Utilizing a template based platform also allowed us to design and build a website much quicker than a hand coded one. In addition to setting the website up, we organized the layout and navigation to be fluid and cater to it's visitors. Working with the Blue Water team, we were able to revise, rewrite, and plug in content from the existing website as well as create new valuable content for some of their products and services. Finally, the design, look and feel of the website came together to more accurately reflect their brand. In addition to the website, we set up a business profile on Pinterest and Houzz to help Blue Water Spas and Pool's better establish a valuable online presence. 

By redesigning the website, recreating the logo, and setting up business profiles on social services, Business Soil was able to meet the needs and goals of Blue Water Spas and Pools. With training, the Blue Water team learned how to update and manage their website. We are excited to see how this helps Blue Water Spas and Pools in the near future, and look forward to working with them again. 

Blue Spruce & Lucky Horseshoe Motel

Business Soil Team


Blue Spruce and Lucky Horseshoe Motel is a seasonal business located in Port Austin, Michigan that provides clean, comfortable lodging for visitors looking to enjoy the beauty of Port Austin and the surrounding area. To better serve visitors and the business, the owner wanted to build credibility and establish a presence online. By taking advantage of free tools like TripAdvisor and Google My Business, as well as making the most out of the content on those services, Blue Spruce and Luck Horseshoe Motel was able to achieve this. Business Soil was able to provide training on how to manage her business's profile on TripAdvisor, as well as how to create and maintain services like TripAdvisor by utilizing valuable content (words and pictures). 

In addition to providing training, Business Soil was also able to take professional photos of the motel and it's rooms. Professional high-resolution photography of lodging can be a game-changer when it comes to increasing leads and reservations because it gives potential visitors a look and feel for what their stay might be like. Professional photography for your business is valuable content you can and should use online! 

If you are interested in learning more about tourism services like TripAdvisor or other social and locations services, contact us today! Professional photography is also a service we can provide for your business. For more details or pricing information, please feel free to call (989) 545-1432 or email

TripAdvisor Training

Professional Photography

Active Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Business Soil Team

Active PT logo.png

Active Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine is a trusted physical therapy and sports medicine business located in Bad Axe and Sandusky, Michigan, The skilled team focuses their services around the needs of their patients and strives to make recovery and therapy as comfortable and as rewarding as possible. At the time Active Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine reached out to us, their goal was to grow their business. Building a professional website that would distinguish their unique team and services and help them to connect with potential patients was one way to help them achieve their goal to grow.

Understanding the needs and goals of the business and what type of content, layout, and design will provide the greatest benefit helps us to develop websites that work for our clients. Active Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine wanted their website to reflect their brand, team, and the unique treatment they provide. To achieve this on the website we made sure to include descriptive content about their business and services, professional high-resolution photography of the team and office, and a classic design that would be easy for visitors of all ages to navigate. 

Building a website from scratch may seem like an impossible task, but with the right strategies and knowledge, it can be easier than you ever imagined. When Business Soil begins to plan a website, like we did for Active Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, we apply what we've learned from conversations with our client about their needs and goals, and we do a little investigation into what type of content (words and pictures), layout, and design will be of the greatest benefit to the business. Our team has expertise in writing content and professional photography and can assist you in building out some of those key elements for your website. After we have a layout and plan in place for content we get to work building out the site. Typically, a layout is chosen, content is filled in, and then the design comes into place. Once the website is near completion, we meet with our client to go over the website and discuss changes, etc. When the website meets the needs of our client, it's ready to launch! 

Building a professional website that works for your business and your goals does involve thought and planning, but the execution really isn't that complicated when you have a team to help you along the way. Are you going from zero to one with a website for your business? Our team can help take you through the process one step at a time. Want to learn more about how we can help? You can read more about Business Soil website services or contact us to discuss your website needs. 

Website Design

Professional Photography

Port Austin History Center

Business Soil Team

The Port Austin History Center is more than just a place to visit in Port Austin, Michigan. It is a refuge for the keepsakes and rich history of the greater thumb area and it is the place to go if you want to experience true thumb history and culture! Not only does the Port Austin History Center have a wonderful place in Port Austin for you and your family to visit, they also have a web presence to help them stay connected with their visitors and community.

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Halfway Fence Company

Business Soil Team

Halfway Fence Company is a local fence contractor from Bad Axe, Michigan that contracts and installs fence and gates for projects that range from small residential jobs to large industrial projects. When the owner first contacted us, the existing website he had, had expired. He was starting from square one while entering the busiest season of the year. Luckily, he contacted us at a convenient time and within a matter of about two weeks, we were able to focus enough time and energy to get a new website up and running in its place. 

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