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2019 Artists


Timothy Elliott (TimoNanda)

From Martha’s Vineyard

My art work is relaxed and sometimes playful, never stuffy or formal. For a long time I considered myself just a PAINTER, but when I look back on what I have created over the years, I see a balance of music making, moving pictures, visual art and environmental-art. I have always been fascinated by the concept of INTEGRITY in regard to art. As a matter of fact, from the very first time I laid eyes on Dianne Durston’s book, “Wabi Sabi: The art of everyday living”, I identified with the concepts within it completely. I feel like I can successfully claim the moniker WABI SABI ARTIST. My work has always had a certain anti-manufacture, anti-commercial element to it. It’s often rustic, imperfect and simple. In the mid 1980’s I had an exhibition called “Art for Sterile Environments”, in an effort to add life and a sense of realness to spaces that lacked humanity and vulnerability.


Norkus 1.jpg

Nicholas James Thomasma

From Grand Rapids

Singer songwriter and Earthwork Music artist Nicholas James Thomasma combines stories and songs for a show that can be enjoyed by patrons of all ages. Whether he’s performing with his backing band Nicholas James and the Bandwagon or as a solo acoustic act, Nicholas charms the audience with his playful sense of humor and real life stories. In addition to hosting Founders Open Mic in Grand Rapids, MI every Tuesday since 2008, Nicholas is also the curator of an in-the-round style concert series called the Songtellers and he is a board member for Folk Alliance Region Midwest (FARM).



Peter Acomb

From Detroit

Peter Acomb is an artist/performer based in Detroit Michigan. His visual art encompasses a wide range of medium from oil painting and printmaking to digital media. His performance is based in music using guitar as his primary instrument. He also uses contemporary recording techniques to produce Sound art. Most of his work explores culture as it pertains to place and history. 

 Peter received a Bachelors of Fine Arts with an emphasis in painting in 2011. His works can be seen at the Sony Technology center in Stuttgart Germany.