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Food Works Kitchen Incubator

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Food Works Kitchen Incubator

Business Soil Team

Designed to be a regional kitchen incubator and support local food based businesses in Michigan, the Food Works at the Huron Tech Center is a totally unique, super creative way to help food based businesses grow. By providing the necessary equipment and space for people to use at a low cost, the Food Works Kitchen gives anyone in the food production industry the chance to grow their business! Though they could provide the tools to help food based businesses go from concept to small scale production and beyond in the kitchen, their website and content seemed to lack the necessary components to actually get people in the kitchen. 

Here's why: The Food Works' original site was a bit antiquated. The content was either outdated or broken. And though the website took online reservations to book the facility, the process was cumbersome and labor intensive. The site itself was also very difficult to update (thus the issue with outdated content). 

When the Food Works Kitchen contacted us to help, we knew that they had been facing some pretty common problems and we were certain we could help. What we helped them achieve was an entirely fresh, new layout and design on a platform that was going to be easy for them to keep up to date. We also were able to take their online reservation to a whole new level, upgrading them to a cloud-based system that has a lot of syncing features. Now when people want to reserve the kitchen to grow their businesses, they can do so in a matter of only a few minutes! They can even select the days and times that work best for them while seeing if the kitchen has already been booked by someone else! 

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