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Sandpiper Sport Fishing Charters

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Sandpiper Sport Fishing Charters

Business Soil Team

Sandpiper Charters is a sport fishing charter out of Port Austin that provides on-the-water adventures unlike any other, and their crew’s love of the lakeshore is truly unmatched. Captain Mike has been navigating the waters off the coast of Port Austin for most of his life, and he and his crew have a reel passion for fishing (haha, get it?). In line with their passion for fishing, is their passion for delivering the most rewarding and worthwhile experience for their guests. 

When we first met the owners of Sandpiper Charters we knew they truly cared about their guest’s experience. Yet, though they could provide a one of a kind experience for their guests on the water, they seemed to be hindered in their ability to provide them this experience online. This is where we knew we could help. After speaking with the owners we understood that their main goal was to be able to update the website themselves. 

Their existing website at the time was built by someone who promised to give them this opportunity, but didn’t follow through on their end. So as time passed, the site remained untouched. This left them with an outdated website that missed the mark for meeting their guest’s needs and giving them the best online experience. What we were able to do was completely redesign their website on a new template-based platform. Now both owners can easily make any desired changes and updates to the site without the hassle or added cost of having to contact somebody else to do it for them. We are thankful for the opportunity to have been able to put them both in the drivers seat to maintain their website, and we can’t wait to see where they take it! 

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