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Diversified Fitness Club

Client Stories

The stories behind the projects on which Business Soil has worked, both past and present.

Diversified Fitness Club

Business Soil Team

Diversified Fitness Club Logo

Diversified Fitness Club was one of our first web projects in Michigan. Diversified Fitness sought a custom website design that highlighted some underutilized areas of the club, especially their smoothie bar. Business Soil designed a site that fit the needs of their club and suited the fell they desired. Shortly thereafter, they requested the creation a website for Diversified Physical Therapy Specialists. 

Diversified Fitness Club also utilized consulting services. Business Soil consulted them on different types of marketing available to them and we settled on the need to utilize social media to communicate happenings at the club to their members. We setup their social media, trained their staff how to use it effectively, and assisted them in best practice information. Additionally, Diversified used some tech training from Business Soil to train their staff to use other services. 

Website Redesign

Location Services & Social Setup

Social Media Training