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Huron County Economic Development Corporation

Client Stories

The stories behind the projects on which Business Soil has worked, both past and present.

Huron County Economic Development Corporation

Business Soil Team

Do you have an Economic Development Corporation in your county? If you are a startup, small business, corporation, or non-profit, we highly recommend you seek out your Economic Development Corporation. If they're anything like ours, they are a perfect example of outside-the-box thinking, community innovation, and business to business support. 

Our relationship with the EDC began with referrals by them to assist other small businesses in our community. Shortly thereafter we assisted the EDC in establishing a social media presence and managing that presence. They were already utilizing YouTube, but had not considered the other outlets available to them. We created their Facebook page as well as other popular services, and began managing the Facebook platform for them to grow awareness of what they do for the community. 

Since managing their social media we have also been utilized for other services within the EDC. We provided extensive technology consulting and implemented a cloud-based customer management system for everyone within the EDC to have easy access to all of their contacts. We've begun working with them on implementing an "Ambassador" email program that reaches out to area businesses encouraging them to send information about what is happening throughout the year to the EDC, so the EDC can promote this information through its own outlets. 

In 2015 Business Soil will be assisting the EDC with a website redesign. Stay tuned for details on this project. 

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