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Holdwick Tiling Company

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Holdwick Tiling Company

Business Soil Team


Holdwick Tiling Company is a small family-owned and operated business in Harbor Beach, Michigan that creates some pretty unique and incredibly useful tools for tile operations across the Midwest and Canada. Holdwick Tiling custom fabricates tile reels, and they're doing it in that hand-crafted, quality matters sort of way. So when Kevin and the crew at Holdwick Tiling wanted to update their website, we were more than ready and excited to help.

Updating to a more modern, easy to update platform was the first task at hand, and once setup was complete we were able to take their existing content to the next level. In a matter of a few weeks we were able to help them achieve a new website that not only looks good, but also helps to amplify their brand, who they are and what they're doing. Phenomenal people, awesome products, and an incredible operation; it was a great pleasure to work with the team at Holdwick Tiling. 

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