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Secure Chauffeur

Client Stories

The stories behind the projects on which Business Soil has worked, both past and present.

Secure Chauffeur

Business Soil Team


Secure Chauffeur originally contacted us as another business with the idea of revamping their current website, but soon transitioned to a brand new project:  Creating Secure Chauffeur. 

Our friends at Secure Chauffeur had an idea for a new brand that would offer a transportation service around Detroit. In order for this service to work, we consulted that they had to be different than their already booming, digital-world competitors like Uber. Secure Chauffeur agreed that this brand would need to be set apart in some unique way to appeal to people for many different needs. This brand needed to capture younger audiences, long distance travelers, and traditional chauffeur customers alike. 

To attract a younger audience, the concept of "See the City" was born, offering suggestions for all day travel where a customer's personal vehicle may not be ideal. These instances could include touring pubs, seeing the thriving Detroit art scene, or shopping at a plethora for suburban shopping outlets.

Wherever you need to go, Secure Chauffeur can get you there. Their long distance travel options can be a no-brainer when considering costs, especially the increasingly prohibitive air fares in today's market. For those who can't or wont fly, a chauffeured drive is definitely the way to go. 

Overall, for this project Business Soil provided a website, a logo, and consulting. We hope you love this idea and check out Secure Chauffeur for your transportation needs. 

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