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Inspire Outcomes

Client Stories

The stories behind the projects on which Business Soil has worked, both past and present.

Inspire Outcomes

Business Soil Team


Margaret at Inspire Outcomes came to us with a very definitive plan for the future of her business and her website. She had recently learned that the company who built her site had been sold and she was faced with two options:  pay dearly for her current site to be managed by the new company, or choose a new company that better fit her needs. After receiving a referral, Margaret contacted us with her website needs and desires. 

Inspire Outcomes is unique in that it offers both a product and a service. Margaret has invented a product for the physical therapy market that revolutionizes the way patients are rehabilitated. Additionally, Margaret offers consulting, webinars, and continuing education for those working in the physical therapy industry. These areas offered a lot of growth for her web presence. 

Margaret's immediate goal was to get her webinars up on her current website and offer a way for them to be purchased. She did not want to redesign her website, only gain some additional functionality from what she already had in place. We were able to assist her in obtaining this goal by finding a platform that could plug into her current website. This platform would need a lot of capability, from hosting webinars to taking payment and disbursing test questions and certificates. After thorough research into every option that currently existed, we were able to find a solution for her. She is currently in the process of building her webinar library on this platform.

Another need Margaret had was some personal tech training. She was already exceptionally skilled in and around different applications, but had a desire to learn a new presentation software to take her webinars and in-person presentations to the next level. Business Soil was able to assist her assist her with tech training and within three weeks she gave a presentation using a software she had just learned. 

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