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Client Stories

The stories behind the projects on which Business Soil has worked, both past and present.

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Blue Water Spas and Pools

Paula Mausolf

Blue Water Spas and Pools Logo

Blue Water Spas and Pools is the thumb of Michigan's premier pool and spa dealer and installation specialist. Looking to re-design their existing website to better serve their customers, we met with the Blue Water team to discuss their needs and goals. Constructing the new website on an easy to manage website platform, updating the content (words and pictures), and freshening up the layout and design was the main focus. In addition to this, Blue Water wanted to better establish their presence online and be more easily found. By claiming and setting up location and social services, and by utilizing valuable content on those services, Blue Water Spas and Pools was able to achieve this.

We put concentrated effort into the lay out, set up, build and design for the new Blue Water Spas and Pools website. By setting up a new website on a template based platform, the Blue Water team could learn how to update and manage it in-house. Utilizing a template based platform also allowed us to design and build a website much quicker than a hand coded one. In addition to setting the website up, we organized the layout and navigation to be fluid and cater to it's visitors. Working with the Blue Water team, we were able to revise, rewrite, and plug in content from the existing website as well as create new valuable content for some of their products and services. Finally, the design, look and feel of the website came together to more accurately reflect their brand. In addition to the website, we set up a business profile on Pinterest and Houzz to help Blue Water Spas and Pool's better establish a valuable online presence. 

By redesigning the website, recreating the logo, and setting up business profiles on social services, Business Soil was able to meet the needs and goals of Blue Water Spas and Pools. With training, the Blue Water team learned how to update and manage their website. We are excited to see how this helps Blue Water Spas and Pools in the near future, and look forward to working with them again. 

Inspire Outcomes

Business Soil Team

Margaret at Inspire Outcomes came to us with a very definitive plan for the future of her business and her website. She had recently learned that the company who built her site had been sold and she was faced with two options:  pay dearly for her current site to be managed by the new company, or choose a new company that better fit her needs.

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