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Client Stories

The stories behind the projects on which Business Soil has worked, both past and present.

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Blue Spruce & Lucky Horseshoe Motel

Business Soil Team


Blue Spruce and Lucky Horseshoe Motel is a seasonal business located in Port Austin, Michigan that provides clean, comfortable lodging for visitors looking to enjoy the beauty of Port Austin and the surrounding area. To better serve visitors and the business, the owner wanted to build credibility and establish a presence online. By taking advantage of free tools like TripAdvisor and Google My Business, as well as making the most out of the content on those services, Blue Spruce and Luck Horseshoe Motel was able to achieve this. Business Soil was able to provide training on how to manage her business's profile on TripAdvisor, as well as how to create and maintain services like TripAdvisor by utilizing valuable content (words and pictures). 

In addition to providing training, Business Soil was also able to take professional photos of the motel and it's rooms. Professional high-resolution photography of lodging can be a game-changer when it comes to increasing leads and reservations because it gives potential visitors a look and feel for what their stay might be like. Professional photography for your business is valuable content you can and should use online! 

If you are interested in learning more about tourism services like TripAdvisor or other social and locations services, contact us today! Professional photography is also a service we can provide for your business. For more details or pricing information, please feel free to call (989) 545-1432 or email

TripAdvisor Training

Professional Photography

Inspire Outcomes

Business Soil Team

Margaret at Inspire Outcomes came to us with a very definitive plan for the future of her business and her website. She had recently learned that the company who built her site had been sold and she was faced with two options:  pay dearly for her current site to be managed by the new company, or choose a new company that better fit her needs.

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Sandpiper Sport Fishing Charters

Business Soil Team

Sandpiper Charters is a sport fishing charter out of Port Austin that provides on-the-water adventures unlike any other, and their crew’s love of the lakeshore is truly unmatched. Captain Mike has been navigating the waters off the coast of Port Austin for most of his life, and he and his crew have a reel passion for fishing (haha, get it?). In line with their passion for fishing, is their passion for delivering the most rewarding and worthwhile experience for their guests. 

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