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Website management & Maintenance

There are two areas of website management, managing a new website we create for you or managing an existing website you bring to us. Some clients are simply too busy or do not care to be involved in the management of their website. We love to assist with updating the content on websites that we have created for our clients. Our clients love this assistance because aside from being affordable, it allows them to focus on running their business in the ways that only they can. 

Alternatively, perhaps you have a website that you like, you just need some assistance managing updates or changes? Business Soil is happy to offer management services for websites that we did not build. Many of our clients have come to us with websites that they invested a lot of time and money in so they aren't quite ready to build a new one. They need assistance managing the website they already have and our competitive rate, extreme flexibility, and vast platform knowledge makes us the perfect partner to assist in maintenance and management of their current website. 

We invite you to browse the websites below that we manage for our clients. Some of them were made by us, and some are simply managed and maintained by us. 


Selection of Managed Websites