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Modernize Your Business

Business Soil has a lot of experience with the latest technology and products that can assist in modernizing and streamlining your business. Many of these products are affordable or even free. Some of these include POS systems, cloud services, time tracking software, computer training, and business operation enhancements.

Modernize Your Systems

Business Soil has many years on the front edge of technology. Let us use that experience to help you find the best technologies that fit your business needs for today and tomorrow. Many new technologies, like those listed below, can shave hours off your work load - saving you time and money! If you are interested in learning more about any of the technologies or services listed below, please feel free to ask! We would love nothing more than to help you grow your business by increasing your efficiency! 

Software & Services | Consulting & Setup

There are a plethora of options of software and services to help your business work more efficiently and effectively.  We can help by listening to your needs and researching the most cost effective options for your business that fill your needs. Some examples of areas where we can help are listed below:  

  • POS systems

A modern POS is internet connected allowing you to view sales and transaction data from any computer or smart phone. You can also track inventory, accept pickup orders online and accept credit cards. Is your business running on a modern POS system? 

  • Time Tracking Software

How does your business track your employees hours? If you are doing it by hand, save yourself a lot of time and hassle by upgrading to a cloud based time tracking system. Not only can you use them like a traditional time clock, but you can also track employee hours offsite. This is a great benefit to business with remote crews. Imagine KNOWING your construction crew was at the job site on time.  Goodbye time sheets, hello time tracking software. 

  • Internal & External Communication Systems

Are you looking for an effective solution to improve communication? Business Soil is aware of many tools and systems you can utilize to achieve greater communication for your business. If you have any of the following needs, we are certain we can assist you:

- Engage with team members or clients globally

- Keep team members in the loop across multiple devices

- Increase efficiency on projects, tasks, etc. 

  • Reservation Systems

Online reservation systems are a huge game changer for small or independent businesses that take appointments, rent items, or rent property. Hotels, cabins, salons, or even bike rental services are good examples of small businesses that could utilize an online reservation system to revolutionize their business. These systems allow for customers to book or rent property or a service directly on a businesses website. These systems also allow for employees and business owners to manage both customer booked rentals and employee booked services. 

  • Cloud-based Data Management

In the modern world, storing files in the cloud is the most convenient and efficient way to share files among staff. These files can easily be stored online where any staff or contractors can access them from almost any device. From Google Drive to Dropbox and beyond, using the cloud to store, backup, or collaborate on files is a major efficiency of our modern world. 

  • Other Business Operations Software & Services

Beyond cloud based syncing and online reservation systems there is a whole world of web based (cloud) apps and services that can be of benefit to your business. Let us help you find the right combination of products to do what you do more efficiently.