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About us

Who are we? Find out here! Business Soil is your team of techies, go-getters, and outside the box thinkers. 


Business Soil is a small business development team that helps start-ups and small businesses prosper and thrive. Our expertise is in marketing and technology, but our passion is for small business. Though we focus on online marketing, design, and the utilization of technology for small businesses, our client's needs have helped shape and diversify our experience. 

It's what we think keeps our line of work so interesting. We love having the opportunity to learn about all the different industries and needs of our clients, and we love being able to provide support and services that are unique to their needs and goals. 

With skills in the areas of design, marketing, web-development, and project management, we love what we do and WHY we do it. And we believe that each day gives us the opportunity to make a difference for our client's- no matter how big or small. We live, work, and play in a small community made up of small, local businesses, and we've grown to love the under-dog. As long as you have a dream, or a goal that you would like to achieve, we would love to help you grow your business in any way we can. After all, when you're in the business of helping businesses grow, there is nothing more rewarding than cultivating dreams and goals!  


We specialize in professional website construction and maintenance, e-commerce solutions, social media management, search engine optimization, brand development, work flow efficiencies, and tech intelligence for digital applications, programs, and devices. We can help you identify opportunities and guide you to new tools and information that will help you grow your business. 

Our team can help develop or maintain a complete web presence for your business. We can also train your staff to use social media effectively or manage it for you. We have a full service media and marketing division that can create consistent branding materials and market your business using both traditional and digital media. We can streamline workflows, set up POS systems, manage e-commerce sales platforms, advise on in-store promotional displays, and much more. 


Business Soil was created out of the idea that there could be an approach to small business development that wasn't narrow-minded, overly assertive, or hard-lined. Rather, progress could be simplified through open-communication and cooperation, the building of strong relationships, and just plain old honest hard work. We care about helping businesses thrive because we believe that through our efforts and achievements the world around us will also prosper.



Our Mission:

Our #1 priority is to help independently owned businesses use technology to compete directly with the big box stores.  We firmly believe the “little guy” has an advantage in today’s landscape by being nimble and adapting to new technologies much more quickly than a large corporate entity can. The main advantage is the one we all know...the ability to provide better customer service. In the new web 2.0 age there are a plethora of options to connect your business to your customers in a very direct and helpful way.  

Our History:

Our original founders both came from small business families and have worked in both small business and corporate environments. Obviously, we don’t care for the corporate structure. Our principles are focused on helping the small business owner and creating jobs in our local Michigan communities. 

This is why we are here. We believe the small businesses are much better at actually serving their customer base than a large corporation. We want to see that methodology succeed. The tools available today can be leveraged to the advantage of the small business to provide higher level service to customers at a reduced cost.

On staff, we have two former Apple trainers with a combined 22 years computer training experience. We are all early adopters and knowledgeable in almost everything tech. We have experience in retail management, IT, hardware & software, photography, videography, marketing, and many other fields.

We moved to Harbor Beach in the Thumb of Michigan with a very specific goal: get every small business online.  We would love to assist you into the connected world and assure that you get the most bang for you buck.