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Our business is to help your business

Business Soil is a small business development team dedicated to helping you grow your small business. Through the utilization of technology, design, and smart marketing strategies, we can help you build your brand, create meaningful customer experiences, and grow your business. We tailor our services to fit your needs, but we focus on helping you grow your business in the following ways: 


Your Online Presence

Websites, review listings, and social media contribute to your business's online presence.


Your Brand

who you are, everywhere


Your Marketing

"If you're not targeting, you're not marketing" - Tom Burrell


How can we help you?

We assist our clients with a wide variety of creative and marketing services, as well as offer consulting where needed. Below is a small sample of the types of projects with which we can help your small business.


Photo & Video

We have over 30 years experience as professional photographers capturing a variety of subjects for a variety of uses including editorial, commercial, promotional and product photography.

We've recently expanded our team to include an experienced filmmaker and licensed drone pilot with vast experience in nature, art, and food photography. 

We are your full service visual team! Learn more in the photography and videography sections of our site. 


Branding & Design

Logos, advertisement, branded clothing, in-store signage, websites, and so much more! Whatever your business needs designed, we can help!


Social Media & Marketing

Business Soil can assist your business with a number of social media marketing services. We can provide training for you or your team to learn how to manage, develop, and measure a successful social media strategy in-house, or we can have our skilled team create and maintain it for you. If you would like to learn more about how Business Soil can help you achieve the benefits listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can see about meeting and discussing your needs! 


Consulting & Advising

Looking for direction or advice about navigating the modern world? Maybe you just want some feedback on how to rebrand your business or know if snapchat would be good for your business? We love consulting, brainstorming, and helping give small businesses some direction forward. 


Your success is our success.

Business Soil exists to help small businesses grow, so it's only natural that we believe our success is determined by the success of our clients. If you would like to learn more about some of the ways we are helping our clients grow, click on one of our featured projects in the list below or check out our client list.